Top 5 Highest Paying Digital Jobs In 2021

If you have the required skill and qualifications in the digital industry, you will have numerous job opportunities to explore. With the emerging trend in the digital industry, there are various job roles with a lucrative and prospective career choice.

In the technical field, the competition is quite tough to be at the top of the tech world. Once you have chosen to explore this industry, the next step is to figure out which job is the most definite choice for your career and what training and certification are required to transform your existing skills.

Full-stack developer
There are almost 23 million developers globally practicing, and by 2023, the number will reach up to 27.7 million, making it one of the highest-paid tech jobs in the digital industry. A full-stack developer is one who is well-versed in front-end and back-end development. He/she must have the potential skill in every stage of development from concept to end product.

Knowledge and skills:

• Proficient in MEAN (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular JS, and Node.js) technology.
• Designing and developing API
• Coding and scripting
• Basics of web development
• Fundamentals of database technologies

Product Manager

A product manager helps to determine the parameters around the products and engineers to build teams and lead the entire development process of a particular project. He must have a clear insight regarding the project and logistic conception to launch the project.

Knowledge and skills:

• Strong understanding of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).
• Proficient in product management tools like PivotalTracker, Asana, etc.
• Strong analytic skills
• Exceptional time management skills

Cloud architect

A cloud architect is definitely a potential career choice. With the increasing demand in shifting to cloud architecture, cloud architect demands are growing every minute. A cloud architect deploys and oversees organizations’ cloud computing strategy.

Knowledge and skills:

• Good knowledge and understanding of cloud application infrastructure
• Knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, or Google cloud
• Efficient communication skill

They are responsible for deploying cloud architecture and coordinate the implementation and deployment of the app. They need to ensure the application runs smoothly in cloud architecture in a perfect hybrid or cloud environment.

Digital marketers

An enterprise cannot prosper or reach the audience without the professional help of digital marketers. Their role is to promote a company before its targeted audience and increase the website’s organic traffic and conversion rate. The ultimate goal of marketers is to drive more sales through better online visibility.

Knowledge and skills:

• Knowledge and clear conception of Google algorithms
• SEO technicalities
• Efficient communication skills
• Professional marketing approach.
• Proficient in marketing tools and the ability to manage social media promotions

Business analysts

Business analysts transform data to drive business value and stress on the fields that need more attention. Their function is to manage the actionability of a company and unlock more opportunities for business growth. With a data-driven pricing strategy, they prepare a perfectly competitive environment.

Knowledge and skills:

• Efficiency in data analysis
• Great problem-solving skills
• Business acumen with advanced vision.
• Proficient in using business analytics tools.

Final Say

If you are heading to plan your career in the digital industry, these five career options would be the best choice to start a prosperous career. Get trained ( with live project opportunities and excel in your career with a number of possibilities in the digital industry.