Creating Killer CV That Wins You Interviews All The Time

There is a specific format to make your CV one of the best; instead, there are various ways to make a CV very attractive. If you are preparing for an interview, you must keep in mind that, apart from your stellar performance during the interview, you need to have a compelling CV to get the attention of the interviewer.

Here in this blog, you’ll find the best way to make your CV stand out:


The goal of making the CV is to make it very easy to read and yet very attractive. So, there are few aspects you need to focus on:

Readability: think of the presentation; here, you need to make everything clear to the interviewer.

Objective statement: the primary thing an interviewer focus on is the contact information. It counts and intrigues them to read the next line.

Length: it should be a maximum of two pages long with an average margin and legible size. So, be concise, and every word you write would be counted as your representation.

Education and qualification

The next section is very simple; it would be short and concise, and of course, relevant. List your professional and academic grades and the name of the institution in chronological order. Three things need to focus on,

  • CFA qualification
  • University degree
  • College result


80% of your energy in making the CV should be around this section. It is the most highlighted point of your CV. Highlight this section with loads of buzzwords.

Instead of saying things like, “I worked on A, B, and C project. It is better to use the phrase like “I worked for so and so projects which lead to $15 million upfront having. “the attention of the interviewer is on how proficient you are to derive better outcome than knowing the details of the projects.

Skill achievements

There is no point in mentioning your mere achievements in academic fields. Because there is a lot of difference in theoretical knowledge and professional experience. Do not write surplus columns to say irrelevant achievements and skills. If you have vast work experience, it is essential to mention the year and highlight those sections with different fonts.

Revise, edit and reiterate

You will never get everything right on the first attempt. And finding any errors or even typing mistakes would be a blunder for the interview. Moreover, it creates a harmful impact on your work precision as the interviewer expects you to accomplish the primary task very precisely.

Now it’s your take

If you already have a CV, consider redesigning it with the following tips. Remember, a good CV creates your first impression, and it says a lot about your personality too, as you invest a lot of time making it perfect.