Cedar Corporate Training

Engaging skill sessions, field training, workshops and lectures, designed to enhance employee skills and faculties, and optimise team performance.

Where we come in

Perhaps your product management team is experiencing a lack of motivation and direction, your executive board is unsure of how to lead effectively, or your new business analyst and project support are missing an essential skill. Whatever the problem, we are specialists in delivering first class onsite training, with the dynamic, professional, kinaesthetic approach that ensures lasting results and effective application.

What we do

Our training sessions incorporate a wide range of formats, sizes and teaching methods, which are flexible and guaranteed to address your unique needs as an individual or organisation. Our process generally involves meeting with you to discuss what the problem is, using our knowledge and expertise to come up with a solution, and finally, discussing our proposed training session idea with you and make arrangements. We offer a completely bespoke service, so the methods and formats listed below are merely an indication of what you can expect.

We commonly train clients on the following areas:

We are willing to develop a unique program for your team. Some of our most common training formats include:

where delegates from a wide range of backgrounds can come together and discover the critical points and factors involved in project management, business analysis, data insight & analytics, and education (among others); as well as having time to network and engage with like-minded leaders and teams within your organisation.

In addition to in-depth knowledge and action plans, we offer attendees the opportunity to discuss their experiences, thoughts and concerns regarding the course area being discussed

We use the latest, best-suited technology, resources and formats to help teams work through their areas of concern. All of our workshops take into account the critical skills which must be addressed and developed.

Our webinars and other online meetings and events, are online centers whereby delegates can attend and be enriched, no matter where they are in the world

We provide an active approach to training, which is perfect for enhancing participants’ ability to react, communicate, make decisions, and approach situations with confidence and decisiveness. This method has proved particularly useful in developing project and product management,  start-up expertise and rapport skills.

Our in-house training allows teams both large and small to learn essential skills and principles from the comfort of their own chosen location.

Cedar Implementation


Step-by-step assistance in applying the most advanced initiatives, changes and solutions in your industry.

Where we come in

Execution is one of the most underestimated and mishandled aspects of corporate operations. In our time, many teams face the prospect of change – perhaps in the form of a merger, acquisition, expansion, structural change or new initiative. Directors commonly invite new technology to maintain contact with customers, or shareholders opt for a change in business model to keep up with market competition. Whatever the case, we take an active interest in ensuring teams like yours are able to make the transition smoothly, and begin a new chapter with triumph and hope.

What we do

We take a supportive, committed role, working with leaders to:

Cedar Industry Data & Insights

Equipping decision-makers with the information they need to lead in their industry.

We commonly train clients on the following areas:

Where we come in

Applied knowledge is the key to lasting greatness in any industry, and the hallmark of a distinguished organisation. You may be developing an amazing new approach, idea, campaign or product. Nonetheless, extensive information on your target market, environment, supply chain or economic climate could well be the difference between a massive success and a corporate engine stall. We provide industry data, reports and insights to assist decision-making, planning and strategizing across a wide range of sectors.

What we do

We investigate the ongoing trends, changes, theories and functions of various industries, and develop a readable report of data and advice, that can be acted upon by teams at the highest level. We study market research, governmental reports, academic articles and official publications on a regular basis, to maintain accurate knowledge and deliver the best results possible. We also conduct our own independent research, put together focus groups, and consult think-tanks and industry experts, to ensure our findings exceed conjecture, and excel in accuracy.

We can provide any form of:

Cedar Strategies &Solutions


Keys to optimising revenue and effectiveness, based on wisdom, understanding and knowledge

Where we come in

If you have the concept, the research, the team and the product ready, but perhaps lack the strategy to apply your skills - we can help. Through the examination of universal principles and current trends, we are able to deliver answers that frequently revolutionise team operations, and add dynamic ability to their key players.

What we do